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Leaning In to Lightening Up

By Kayla Fell
Sep 04, 2013

The phrase that I have heard the most often over the last few weeks is, “as soon as the summer is over…” The words that came after this phrase all involved actions and resolutions. September seems to be about buckling down, being more productive, getting back to routines and health conscious choices. Are we all programmed this way from our school days? Or do the dog days of summer just pull us so far out of our normal mode that we have to make a drastic adjustment to get back to a healthy routine.

Ahoy and welcome to the launch of the Nava Yoga Center blog!

By Biz Magarity
Sep 03, 2013

Please forgive the overuse of nautical terms and seaward puns in this, our maiden posting. We promise to stop after this post! However, it is hard to ignore the similarities in launching a boat and launching a blog. Both require a gentle easing in to the water or the unknown, a setting of course and intention and some initiative to set forth on a journey.