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Born to Run!

By Kiran Matsko
Aug 13, 2014

Whether you are just starting out or training for your 10th marathon, running is a great way to stay active and in shape. As a running program intensifies, so does the risk of damage to your body. Every twinge, ache and pain starts to feel like an actual injury. Adding Yoga practice to your training regimen can help you cultivate a deeper connection to your body. Some poses are a challenge and maybe even uncomfortable.

So... Do you still suck at Meditation?

By Biz Magarity
Aug 11, 2014

Where do you stand (or sit) as we draw close to the end of this 30-day exploration of mindfulness? We've enjoyed people lingering after group classes to try the teacher lead mindfulness practices. Some took advantage of the meditation room that we set up in the small studio. The visits to our blog have increased with each of our posts this month. And several have admitted that they have not quite gotten off the starting line to establish a meditation practice. I know that I started out very strong and then fell off of the meditation wagon.

Just be shabby with it.

By Elliot Polinsky
Aug 04, 2014

I smoked several cigarettes before my first meditation. I was alone in another country, appalled by a series of ruined plans, low on cash and rife with anxiety. Maybe this condition jostled me enough to remove whatever opposition I usually feel toward externally originated, traditionally passed down mental practice— because I've always felt that my mind is my own, and meditation seemed like a weird stillness fetish. For whatever reason I sat on the big orange tile floor, let my eyes mostly close, and focused as best I could on inhaling, and exhaling.