Cultivate your I WILL power..

Posted Feb 5th, 2014 by Kayla Fell

It’s extremely easy at this point in February (are you still feeling the wonder in Winter Wonderland..?) to find yourself defeated and deflated by inertia. The New Year’s resolutions which felt so possible and charged with energy a mere month earlier, now hang around our heads as grey and unmovable as the gloomy moody sky. Weren’t we just talking about Renew, Recharge, Rejuvenate last month…? Now we feel those words hanging heavy in the air, our yoga mat rolled up in the corner, our house a-clutter and our mind churning out the same old, same old, self-critique. Its so very easy to focus on what we haven’t achieved, that we begin to convince ourselves that we are defeated already -‘Game over!

This month’s Community Acupuncture session Wednesday February 12th will focus on reconnecting and strengthening something we all have – WILLPOWER. We’ll be focusing on the Shao Yin axis which is the relationship between Heart and Kidneys. Expect a fundamentally strengthening treatment that facilitates the clarity of the mind (heart) communicating with the reserves of energy and willpower (kidney).

Within Chinese Medicine, the heart is called the King of the organs. The Internal Medicine Classic states 'The heart commands all of the organs and viscera, houses the spirit, and controls the emotions.' How many times have you heard a yoga teacher ask ‘connect with your heart’? If you rolled your eyes in exasperation, know that in the Chinese language, the word for heart (xin) is also used to denote mind. The implication being that when the heart is strong and unwavering, it controls the emotions; when it is weak, the emotions rebel and weaken the heart’s command over the body. How? These thoughts and emotions influence the function of major organs via pulse and blood pressure, which are controlled by the heart, where emotions arise. If you are constantly creating an internal road-block of grief and anger, your immune system is affected and the body’s ability to function optimally is compromised. If you are constantly engaging in I WON'T behavior that has you eating badly, drinking heavily, not getting enough rest and berating yourself for it, chances are the heart and kidneys are in constant overdrive and shouting amongst themselves a lot.

The trick to connecting with the kind of I WILL power in these dark Winter months is by setting small goals with an eye on the bigger picture. To be kind to yourself by listening to your body when it needs to sleep, to notice the difference in the body’s energy when you eat less junk food or how much more tuned in you feel at the end of yoga class without beating yourself up about it when you mess up. If you are able to make it to this month’s Community Acupuncture session, we encourage you to spend some time clarifying what you want, to better engage with what you will need to achieve it. If anything were possible, what would you most like to welcome into your life? When you are the best possible version of yourself, who are you? When you are feeling inspired, what is it that you want to offer the world? When our short-term goals align with our long-term potential, the magic happens. Each time we make a decision that engages the muscles of I WILL power, the mind gets stronger and more able to do it again and again and again…

Nava Yoga Center’s Monthly Community Acupuncture in conjunction with Flat Rock Health is Wednesday 12th February at 7:15-8pm. Come to the flow class before and stay or drop in after. $25 drop-in, no class cards.

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