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Creating intention with purpose

By Kayla Fell
Dec 29, 2014

It's been a sickness laden holiday for those in my house. Between stomach bug and sinus infection, the culmination of 2014 shall go down as a kind of, how can i put this politely.. purging of the bad. So with fragile constitutions and tender demeanors, all bets are off for New Year's. No drives upstate for elaborate house parties. No overindulgence on fancy libations. Absolutely no dancing til dawn.

Why begin a yoga practice?

By Kayla Fell
Oct 20, 2014

Biz, Molly and myself spent time discussing our popular 8 week Beginners Series in person. Read on for insight if you're considering enrolling in our series for newer yoga students. There are many reasons why it might be right for you.

Q. What 'value’ does a Beginner’s Yoga class hold?

Courage doesn't always roar

By Leslianna Federici
Oct 18, 2014

So often in life (aka yoga practice) we get in our own way simply by believing in a variety of defeating thoughts about what we can and can’t, should and shouldn’t, will and won’t do. It’s perfectly human and normal to define our experience of life in this way. While it is a strategy for living safely it tends to limit the fullness of our experience of living. I think often of the greatest contributors to our world, these human beings who were willing to live beyond the confining definitions created by their thinking.